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We believe that the future applications of nanotechnology will rely heavily on the commercial development of nanomaterials – metals, ceramics, and composite materials that are produced at the nanoscale, but which are ultimately available in commercial volumes and at affordable prices. Too often, new materials are interesting “laboratory curiosities” which fail to be integrated into new products due to cost, reliability, quality, and related issues. NanoDynamics® consists of a team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who have managed the process of taking new technologies and converting them to commercial practice.

NanoDynamics® has established true commercial operations in a 40,000 square foot facility in Buffalo, NY, where scale-up and volume manufacturing of these new materials can be accomplished in a reliable and economical fashion. To ensure strong market-pull for its products and technologies, NanoDynamics® will establish strategic partnerships and collaborative development programs with end-users and market leaders in targeted segments.

NanoDynamics® has an exceptional combination of entrepreneurial, technical, project, and operations management highly suited to execute and implement both R&D programs and commercial production.