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Nano and Micro-Sized Metal Powders

NanoDynamics® manufactures a broad range of nano- and micron-sized metal powders in dry, non-agglomerated form, or in the form of an easily dispersible wet “pre-dispersion”.

With exceptionally tight control over particle size and surface chemistry, these powders will provide design and manufacturing engineers with outstanding performance and reliability.

Typical Applications include:

  • conductive inks and pastes (hybrid microelectronics, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, display materials etc.
  • catalysts for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • thermally conductive fillers (conductive adhesives, polymer thick film
  • ink-jet printed conductors
  • anti-microbial additives


  • NDCopper: 250 nm to 1 micron spherical particles, 4 to 15 micron flakes
  • NDSilver: 30 to 80 nm spherical particles, 60 x 600 nm Ag platelets
  • NDNickel: 100 to 200 nm spherical particles

Typical SEM images of Cu powder C1-500 (left) and Cu flake C1-6000F (center) and S3-500 Ag platelet (right).